Aftercar is a for-profit social house. Our nonprofit partner Generator does the hard work of organizing, connecting with partners, and expanding the dialogue about the future of cities. When you donate construction materials, services, or cash to Generator, you get your tax deduction and all the warm feels. Generator gets investor credits in Aftercar that translate into a sustainable revenue stream to support its good work.

Here are a few things we’re looking for:

CARPET OR ACOUSTICAL MATERIAL. We need 320 sf of durable, sound absorbing, sustainable carpet or similar product to be used as vertical surfaces on built-in furniture.

COMMERCIAL CARPET. We need 960 sf of commercial grade, sustainable carpet to build out Office #5 for private desks.

OFFICE FURNITURE. We need 18 desks, ergonomic chairs, and lockable cabinets to build out Office #5 for private desks.

LIGHTING. We need general office lighting to build out Office #5 for private desks. We also have highly visible opportunities for creative light installations in both the main hall and entry areas.

GABION BASKETS. We need large (empty) gabion baskets to create eight moveable sound absorbing walls (+/-12’ long x 2’ wide x 8’ high) for the main hall.

ACOUSTICAL FOAM OR SIMILAR MATERIAL. We need a lot of sound absorbing material to fill the gabions to create moveable walls.

Also consider donating an annual membership to one of Generator’s worthy partners.