“Aftercar is built for a generation of ideas nobody is asking for, but that just might change the world.”


Aftercar is the vision of founder Ryan Gravel, an urban designer, author and entrepreneur best known for the master’s thesis that birthed the Atlanta Beltline. His book, “Where We Want to Live,” tells that incredible story, but Aftercar will write the next chapter. Ryan founded Aftercar as a mission-driven for-profit to support Generator, his nonprofit focused on the future of cities. Located in the basement of the Telephone Factory on the Atlanta Beltline, Aftercar and Generator are creating an evolving solar-punk social house, event hall, and workspace that will soon include food and drinks. Most importantly, they’re making a place for ideas about the future of cities – a space for ordinary people, armed with ideas and ready for action, to make real and lasting change in the world.



Aftercar is a work in progress and pictures can't quite capture our inspiration, but here are a few we can share.


With comfortable spaces for 3 to 300 people, Aftercar offers the only rentable factory hall facing the Beltline – Atlanta's most iconic infrastructure.


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Aftercar is the product of collaboration and out-of-the box ideas influenced by the ever-changing world we live in. We could not have made any of this possible without the unending support of the names above. To our generous supporters, we thank you. To the rest of the world, we welcome you to join the movement. Contact us to learn more.