MEMBERSHIPS. Aftercar’s first phase opens in November 2021 as a study hall-style work environment. Get in on the ground floor – BOOK NOW and get your first six months for only $60/month. Rates go up this spring. Benefits include:

  • Beautiful industrial interior with a variety of workspace options
  • Mesmerizing views of the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail
  • Friendly staff support
  • Exclusive weekday access (some events may open to non-members after 5:00 pm)
  • Lightning speed wi-fi from Google Fiber
  • Pantry stocked with healthy snacks and basics
  • Front seat to film screenings, pitch nights, and other popups
  • No off-street parking
  • Monthly fees – discounted annual memberships and one-day passes also available

DESKS. A limited number of private desks are available. Benefits include:

  • Your own desk with a shelf, chair, and lockable storage cart
  • Full Aftercar member benefits
  • No off-street parking
  • Quarterly fees

OFFICES. A limited number of private offices are available. Benefits include:

  • 24/7 private access
  • Full Aftercar member benefits for your officemates
  • No off-street parking
  • Quarterly fees, one month security deposit
  • OFFICE 1. +/- 216 sf with big factory window
  • OFFICE 2. +/- 376 sf with big factory windows
  • OFFICE 3. RESERVED. +/- 184 sf with big factory window
  • OFFICE 4. +/- 365 sf with two rooms, no windows, three steps up
  • OFFICE 5. +/- 960 sf with no windows, through access to 5A, 5B, 5C
  • OFFICE 5A. +/- 644 sf with view into the main hall and daylight
  • OFFICE 5B. +/- 252 sf with no windows, super-insulated ceiling and “attic” storage
  • OFFICE 5C. +/- 216 sf with no windows, original glazed block walls