Artist Statement:

The title for my project is called Below The Belt and Inches Above, it is a temporary public art installation with conceptual photography at its base. I’ve been documenting various neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta for several years. I photograph toy airplanes that appear to defy gravity, flying over the city only inches above the earth. It’s a whimsical approach to showcase the various neighborhoods in Atlanta that the Beltline traverses through. I will photograph the toy planes above and below the Beltline hence the title, Below The Belt and Inches Above. I am exploring open spaces below, above and within neighborhoods adjacent to and on the Beltline.


Michael Reese Studios:

Michael Reese is a multi-disciplinary artist and educator.
His work explores themes of identity, history and flight, using past and current photographic processes as a base.

With a fascination in cosmology and the physical sciences, he creates conceptual bridges between astronomy and the fight against human bondage. He sees photography as the perfect vehicle to stay curious about the world around him.

Reese was recently selected by The Montresso Art Foundation for an art residency at Jardin Rouge in Marrakech, Morocco. The work created in the residency will be exhibited as part of 1-54. The 1-54 is the first leading international art fair dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora. Reese continues to exhibit regularly through the traditional gallery system and the broader reaching visibility of public art.